Molasses Barge

by Molasses Barge

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released July 28, 2017

Brian "Butch" Balich - Vocals
Amy Bianco - Bass
Dave Fresch - Guitar
Justin Gizzi - Guitar
Wayne Massey - Drums

Recorded by Jason Jouver at +/- Studio in Pittsburgh, PA
Mixed by Jason Jouver and Christopher Kozlowski.
Mastered by Christopher Kozlowski at Polar Bear Lair in Middletown, MD

Music by Molasses Barge
Lyrics by Justin Gizzi



all rights reserved


Molasses Barge Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Brian "Butch" Balich - Vocals
Amy Bianco - Bass
Dave Fresch - Guitar
Justin Gizzi - Guitar
Wayne Massey - Drums

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Track Name: Emerging Void
Instant emergence of colossal void
Given by way of sudden shocking voice
Questions begin, speculation, confirmation
Cycle through emotions, grasping, collapsing

Forced testing, capable, unable
See it coming, but never looking
Dragging through, you hold yourself up so
Make it you will, how you won't know

And now's the time the real questions begin for you
Are you at peace with all the things you do?
When it's your time will you know there was no more
you might have done before you closed the door?

A basic need that's subconscious every day
we all want to feel like we have it made
You want to believe the lost souls achieved it before
In the end that's you can hope for
Track Name: Bonds, Scars, Amends
The bonds that strengthen
are the same that leave the scars
Hard decisions and mispoken words
will split people apart
Don't try to understand their actions
you can only control your own

Keep the fire it sustains your drive
Cut loose the anger or it consumes your life
When the time is right to reacquaint
those broken bonds will make their own amends
Track Name: Last Taste
Sodden with drink the shadowy room sets the mood
Your eyes seem so dark and the air is so crisp
that crosses my heart when you walk into the room

Look over my shoulder it's you I've waited to see
If only for a moment's word from you to me

One last taste, can stand the time alone
One long embrace
and it takes me the rest of the way home
Track Name: 1:41am
There's no one in the room
You should have said you'd be home soon
There's someone coming in
You offer her a toast with your gin

Sit down tell me your name
I've heard it's nice there just the same
Come with me where they can't see
I know this place where you can see my face

Lock the door and draw the blinds
Feel the soul and hear the mind
Cool to the touch, time aligns
Spreads it's wings and there you'll fly
Track Name: Crux Influx
Crux, infux begins
Exploding overloading dissent for the ones
Anyone, everyone outright or disguised
Hidden or revealing in sight line to the truth
Light within darkness before you

Sift through promulgation, disinformation, inculcation
What's left, filters down
Mass confusion, resolution to find your own beliefs
Unlearning abstracted scenes burned to the mind
Peel back a layer to find

Look if you so choose to see
Fear beset from the light
Knowledge kills monopoly
Track Name: Crosshairs
Curiousity, glances from across the room
Right away, right now it wouldn't be too soon
Play it cool, let you make your way to me
Only takes a moment to see what we can see

I ask a question and you answer me 'yes, please'
With those wanting eyes looking back on me
If I couldn't see you standing I'd swear you were on your knees
But we both know once we're alone that's where you'll be

You were not hiding left yourself in plain sight
Waiting for me to take you now the time is right
Now we're here exposed you cannot hide
Love you until the end you belong to me tonight
Track Name: The Ash Season
The road is chosen though some choices aren't your own
Life has left you treading deep in the unknown
Alienated, overwhelmed, by memories of your past
Dreams and hopes from yesterday you seemed to lose en masse
Where you wanted to be is not yet where you are
A home, career, and family, surround you but feel so far
The weight of your expectations it all just seems too much
A self indignation has left you out of touch

Stymied by habitual routines, inside you decay
But everyone gets a second chance when they wake up every day
It's never too late to get back what you let yourself give away
Happiness is a state of mind, you always have a say
Track Name: Bone Chills
It's in your bones
feeling boxed in your comfort zone
You look around
Familiar faces and none of them down

You know the motions,
a step ahead of them to quiet the notion
Your will is still bound,
a weathered pier on a desolate sound

You feel those bone chills

You know the signs
still a name you can't call
It's somewhere between
the depths, the heights,
and the chill from it all